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2025 Selective Writing (Elite Plus)

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Course Overview

Selective Writing —  Selective Trial Elite Plus

  1. Please write in the textbook exclusively with a pen.
  2. Ensure to save your work as a Word or PDF file.
  3. After your work is ready, click the ‘Submit’ button to upload it.

Two writing tasks have been uploaded. The student needs to click on each writing task and upload the writing in PDF format.

 Make a note, and each writing task can be submitted once.

Our experienced teacher will give a grade and comment.

Before you begin writing, think carefully about what you need to say and how the layout and arrangement of your writing may help express your message clearly.

Things to remember:

  • Your writing will be judged on how well you can select, develop, and organise prompts and ideas and communicate them efficiently and effectively in writing.
  • Structure and creativity.
  • Use sophisticated vocabulary.
  • Focus on grammar and spelling.

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