CATEGORY: ACER Subscription

ACER Style PRO – Year 7/8

Course Access: 240 days access
Course Overview

The ACER-style scholarship Tests are used across Australia to identify academically able students for scholarship awards. The tests are designed to rank applicants, finely differentiating the top end of the performance spectrum.

Applicants are required to demonstrate a range of skills such as the ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically. The tests are not curriculum based and do not test the ability to retrieve learned knowledge, nor are they diagnostic.

Seven full sets of Humanities – Comprehension and Interpretation Question Papers – Time Scored –(multiple choice, 40 minutes)

Seven full sets of Mathematics Question Papers – Time Scored –(multiple choice, 40 minutes)

Written Expression (extended response, 25 minutes)

Unlimited attempts of all questions.

Access to review all questions with solutions after each TEST.

2 different types of Writing Tests with brief Feedback from experienced Selective Passed Out Tutors.

Notes – All practice questions are followed as per ACER format.

Writing courses will be assigned separately after taking a subscription.

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