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HAST 2 Writing – Premium ( 7 Entry)

Course Access: 180 days access
Course Overview

HAST  Year 7 Entry- Writing 

Selective Writing — HAST  Year 7 Entry Premium Package

  1. Please write in the textbook exclusively with a pen.
  2. Be sure to save your work as a Word document or PDF file.
  3. After your work is ready, click the ‘Submit’ button to upload it.

2 writing tasks have been uploaded. The student needs to click on each writing task and upload the writing in PDF format. 

Make a note that each writing task can be submitted once.

2 writing tasks total can be utilised within 60 days from the subscription date.

Our experienced teacher will give a grade and comment.

Before you begin writing – think carefully about what you need to say and how the layout and arrangement of your writing may help to express your message clearly.


Things to remember:

  • Your writing will be judged on how well you can select, develop, and organise prompts and ideas and communicate them efficiently and effectively in writing.
  • Structure and creativity.
  • Use sophisticated vocabulary.
  • Focus on grammar and spelling.

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