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How will NAPLAN be helpful for my child in the long run?

NAPLAN isn’t a higher-order thinking skills and creativity assessment test. It is an assessment of the exceptional Australian education system and their student curriculum.

Let’s get to know the NAPLAN 2025 better:

What is NAPLAN?
NAPLAN or National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy is a series of standardised tests that assess the literacy and numeracy skills of the Australian students in the Years 3, 5, 7, & 9.

What makes NAPLAN so unique?
NAPLAN is essentially a very meticulously designed series of tests by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Being regarded as a school performance analyser is a mandatory assessment for all schools across the country. The factors that make it so unique are as follows:

1) NAPLAN solely aims to analyse performance, examine the student growth and make students future ready through the standardised tests.

2) NAPLAN is a computer based skill assessment test but only Year 3 students are to follow the paper format for the writing section.

3) NAPLAN follows a very advanced tailored testing approach in real time, wherein each student is tested differently on the basis of their response and accuracy of the previous question asked.

4) NAPLAN also ensures the schools have special arrangement and assistance for differently-abled students.

5) Key Features of the NAPLAN online assessment are as follows-

  • Accessibility
  • Tailored Testing
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Audio
  • Timer
  • Numeracy Tools
  • Zoom Tools
  • Progress Summary

When will NAPLAN Test 2025 be conducted?
NAPLAN exams are conducted in the month of March each year. The test window for
NAPLAN 2025 is from 12th March 2025, Wednesday to 24th March 2025, Monday.

What is the NAPLAN Test 2025 format?
The NAPLAN test essentially consists of 4 four Test Domains namely- Literacy, Numeracy,
Conventions of Language & Writing. The table below with all relevant details will help one understand better,

Test DomainTest ScheduleDurationNo. of questions (tentative)
Writing1st Test of the Test WindowYear 3: 40 mins
Year 5: 42 mins
Year 7: 42 mins
Year 9: 42 mins
1 (pen-paper format for Year 3 only)
ReadingConducted after WritingYear 3: 45 mins
Year 5: 50 mins
Year 7: 65 mins
Year 9: 65 mins
Year 3: 40
Year 5: 40
Year 7: 50
Year 9: 50
Language ConventionsConducted after ReadingYear 3: 45 mins
Year 5: 45 mins
Year 7: 45 mins
Year 9: 45 mins
Year 3: 50
Year 5: 50
Year 7: 50
Year 9: 50
NumeracyConducted after Language ConventionsYear 3: 45 mins
Year 5: 50 mins
Year 7: 65 mins
Year 9: 65 mins
Year 3: 35
Year 5: 40
Year 7: 48
Year 9: 48

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