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It is already an established fact that the Opportunity Class Placement Test is a fiercely competitive test. To make it to the 1840 Opportunity Class places a candidate has to face cut-throat competition, and to get accepted to a school of your preference gets even tougher. But as they say, where there is a will there’s a way!

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Want a school with Opportunity Class near your location? Well, the chances just got better! Happy Tidings for all parents and students!
The government has increased the number of schools with Opportunity Classes for 2025 entry. As of now, the number of Opportunity Class places remains unchanged to 1840, but the school count has increased.

These mentioned primary schools will have Opportunity Classes in 2025 Term 1 onwards:

  • Blacktown West Public School
  • Brookvale Public School
  • Lindfield East Public School
  • Maroubra Junction Public School
  • Miranda Public School
  • Penrith Public School
  • St Clair Public School
  • Toongabbie Public School
  • Wahroonga Public School

The above mentioned schools will start with one Opportunity Class each with 15 Year 5 students.

To accommodate the changes the mentioned below schools will have reduced student intake from 2025:

  • Artarmon Public School (60 to 30 places)
  • Balgowlah Heights Public School (30 to 15 places) 
  • Blacktown South Public School (30 to 15 places)
    • Caringbah North Public School (30 to 15 places)
    • Colyton Public School (30 to 15 places)
    • Kingswood Public School (30 to 15 places)
    • Woollahra Public School (60 to 30 places)

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    Is OC NSW the right choice for your child?
    The Opportunity Classes being a specially designed 2 year program (Year 5 & Year 6) offer enhanced learning environments to gifted and high potential learners. The factors that make the Opportunity Classes stand out are:

    • It is a headstart for the young learner in the right direction
    • A gateway to the top Selective High Schools in NSW
    • Elevated learning in a highly motivated and competitive environment
    • Access to the best learning infrastructure, advanced curriculum and best faculty
    • Last but not the least, exceptional academic success in the future

    Let’s get to know the Opportunity Class Test 2024 better:

    • What are the Key Dates for the OC Test 2024?
      The key dates of the Opportunity Class Placement Test 2024 for Year 5 2025 entry are as follows:
      • Applications open – 4th April 2024, Thursday
      • Applications close – 20th May 2024, Monday
      • Update contact details and other changes- Until 10th June 2024, Monday
    • Opportunity Class Placement Test 2024- 1st August 2024, Thursday
    • What is the Opportunity Class Test 2024 format?

    A glance at the table below with all the test details will help one understand better,

    Test SectionNo. of QuestionsTime Type of QuestionsWeightage
    Reading2530 minutesMultiple choice33.3%
    Mathematical Reasoning3540 minutesMultiple choice33.3%
    Thinking Skills3030 minutesMultiple choice33.3%

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