Selective 8 Marked Writing

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Selective 8 Marked Writing

Below are the selective writing topics :
1. Informative Writing
2. Narrative Writing
3. Recount Writing
4. Diary Entry  Writing
5. Discussion Writing
6. Persuasive Writing
7. Situational Writing
8. Newspaper Article Writing


The student must select each writing task and submit it in Word or PDF. Each writing will be marked within three to four working days after submission.  Students should submit four writings at any time during the 90 days of the subscription, and the last submission is not before seven days after the course ends.

Within 90 days of the membership date, a total of 8 writing tasks may be used.

Before you begin writing – think carefully about what you need to say and how the layout and arrangement of your writing may help to express your message clearly.

Things to remember :

  1. Writing will be judged on how well you can select, develop and organise prompts and ideas and communicate them efficiently and effectively in writing.
  2. Structure and creativity.
  3. Use sophisticated vocabulary.
  4. Focus on grammar and spelling.


What is Selective

Selective entry high schools are government schools that aim to provide growth and an inspiring environment for students that foster successful academic results. They provide entry based on academic merit, with the best and brightest competing for places in each school through a special entrance examination. The setup was currently updated by the concerned authority and decided to put more stress on writing and reading ability than the previous system and decrease the weight given to school assessment of the student accomplishment; now, Govt is more focusing on the score of the student actual placement test.

Selective High Schools offer an extra challenge for academically gifted children. Students who want to enrol in these schools should go through a highly competitive test held every year in March. A new selective high school placement test has been developed for 2021. The selective test consists of four tests: thinking skills, mathematical reasoning, reading and writing. These tests evaluate student‘s ability across critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
We provide a range of time-bound test model questions and revision questions along with brief remarks that help students to understand their mistakes and prepare them to get a high score in a real test with confidence. These new format tests are designed to prepare your child for reading, thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills and writing and help to enhance their confidence in challenging questions. These exam-style questions build an extensive knowledge of the 2021 Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing format. Also, through One to One online tutoring, we are helping our students‘ concept in detail.

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  1. Om Nitturkar

    The team is very supportive. The online platform is amazing.

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  2. Alex Colin

    Explanations are good, quite impressive.

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  3. Jess

    Good questions and answer explain, its help my child exam preparation.

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  4. Ramesh Adiga

    Valuable platform, Worth for money.

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  5. Lukas L

    My child was happy after giving exam because she practiced similar in this platform.

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