Is your child preparing for the EduTest Scholarship Test? 

Well, as a matter of fact it is one of the most important scholarship tests conducted across Australia. Also, this test opens the door to numerous opportunities like internships and scholarships. But preparing for a test of this multitude can certainly be overwhelming for the aspiring candidates. 

So some detailed information regarding the Edutest Scholarship Test as well as some preparation tips will surely help the aspirants prepare well and do better. 

What is the Edutest Scholarship Test?

 These are specially designed scholarship tests run by the EduTest company. They are specially conducted to assess the students’ achievements and abilities across all academic domains. 

Also the Edutest Scholarship Test is significantly used by most schools across the country to identify the high-achieving learners who might be eligible for accelerated academic opportunities. 

Owing to such a top differentiator these tests are always higher on demand than the regular assessment tests. 

What is the EduTest Scholarship Test format?

The EduTest Scholarship Test is essentially divided into two broad parts, namely Ability Tests and Achievement Tests. The Ability Tests essentially assess the candidate’s problem solving and reasoning abilities. Whereas, the Achievement Test relies on the candidate’s prior knowledge gain.  

The structured outline of the EduTest Scholarship Test is as follows:

Test TypeTest SectionTime AllottedNo. of Questions (approx.)Question Type
Ability TestVerbal Reasoning30 minutes60Multiple Choice
Ability TestNumerical Reasoning30 minutes50Multiple Choice
Achievement TestReading Comprehension30 minutes50Multiple Choice
Achievement TestMathematics30 minutes60Multiple Choice
Achievement TestWritten Expression35 minutes + (5 mins planning time) 2Open response

Preparation tips for the Edutest Scholarship Test

Preparation tips for the Edutest Scholarship Test

Regardless of a student’s abilities, preparation prior to any kind of assessment or scholarship test is of utmost importance. A planned and focussed preparation will not only improve a candidate’s preparation, but also encourage them to study smart. 

So here’s so preparation tips for the EduTest Scholarship Test:

  • Find out your Strength & Weakness

The key to smart studying is by figuring out your strengths and areas of concern. This will help you devote more time for the areas of improvement and thereby make progress as well. Also reflection on your study habits will also help you know the topics that take more time to prepare than the others. Hence, extra practice time can be taken accordingly for all your EduTest Scholarship Test preparation needs.

  • Set Small, Specific & Achievable Goals

Setting small, target-specific yet attainable goals is the best way to keep oneself motivated in this long and tedious preparation journey. Also, this will help you track your progress in the EduTest Scholarship Test preparation journey better. Big and unattainable goals are often reasons for despair and frustration. These targeted small wins will eventually pave the road to success.

  • Make & Follow a Study Timetable

Following a self-made study timetable will help the aspiring candidate stay organised, motivated during the study hours. This will also ensure all the subjects are duly revised and prepared according to his/her needs. Designate ample time for self-study to avoid last minute rote learning. Mix and match your subjects and related activities, this will prevent total burnout, boredom and mental fatigue prior to the real EduTest Scholarship Test.

  • Include Active & Interactive Self-Study Techniques

Learning techniques such as summarization, asking questions, explaining others or teaching are considered as the best ways of effective information retention. Inclusion of these techniques will strengthen your understanding level in the best way possible. Thus, it is very often advised to students to devote ample time in self-study and practise for a more wholesome preparation for the EduTest Scholarship Test. 

  • Take Timed Practice & Sample Tests

Taking the sample and practice tests helps a student understand the format, structure and question pattern of the Edutest Scholarship Test. These practice and sample test papers are often timed to give them a real exam-like feel. Also, these help in managing their allotted time better and deal with the exam-day pressure. 

  • Seek for Expert Guidance if needed

During the course of preparation one may face trouble dealing with any of the subjects. In such cases students and parents are advised to seek for expert help available across multiple channels and platforms. Personalised one-to-one coaching, online study and practice materials in the form of audio & video guides, study guides, practice tests packages and also subject-specific practice questions with answers are widely available for the Edutest Scholarship Test.

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